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If you are looking to know about China and US latest news then you must choose the best news portal because they can only offer detailed information about china us news such as redefining China in US, America is playing defense, Trumps trade war and breaking US-DPRK nuclear impasse. You are advisable to visit china USA focus to get information about china us news and it is the open platform website which is dedicated to share thoughts and opinions on important bilateral relationship of 21st century. The conclusions, opinions and recommendations provided by the publications and contributors might not reflect views of China-US focus. China India relations are also known as Indo Chinese relation or Sino Indian relation and it refers to bilateral relationship between PRC (People’s Republic of China) and Republic of India. Economic and cultural relations between India and China date back to the ancient times.

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India and China are most famous and fast growing major economies in the world. Online is the best platform to know about India china relations news. Relations between contemporary India and China could be characterized by border disputes. As everyone knows India and China is most important lynchpins of political and global economy order. China is India’s largest trading partner and choose best news portal to understand China India relations. In 2018, two countries agreed to coordinate their development programs in Afghanistan in areas of education, health and food security. Some of the news might focus on huge ranges of the issues such as the economy, foreign affairs and society.